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The roots of our company are decades old when our staff started in the banking profession as auditors and underwriters. During this time, we began to understand the banking industry and develop contacts that are unparalleled in the high risk merchant broker field.

The second part of the business came when merchants from the high risk field joined to help with the marketing and customer service side. The long and short of it is that we have been exactly where you are, and we have found the way to prosperity, through hundreds even thousands of hours of hard work. Benefit from our experience.


We have literally hundreds of merchants who we’ve worked with to get accounts in fields as wide-ranging as nutraceuticals to smoke shop accessories. Our specialty is CBD since our relationships with the acquiring bank are so developed. We can get you rates and approval times that simply no one else can.

I thought since I was Canadian CBD Card Processing wouldn’t be able to help me. However, I reached out and discovered that they have solutions for both American and Canadian companies. I now have a rate 40% lower than I used to pay and have a 23% higher acceptance rate for my cards!

Tarun S.

High Risk Merchant

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