Do You Need CBD Credit Card Processing?

cbd merchantDid you know that over 99% of all ecommerce transactions are performed with a credit card?

This means that if you’re just accepting a digital currency like bitcoin or using an echeck processor, you’re potentially missing out on 99% of your customers – moms and dads who just aren’t familiar with more non-traditional ways of paying.

You can kiss all those sales good-bye.

Any money that you’ve spent on advertising – gone.

Hoping for high conversion rates to attract affiliates?  Without a credit card processor the chances of that happening are slim to none.

Fortunately, we at CBD Credit Card Processing have you covered.

We know that you’re a valuable business providing needed services to grateful customers! We personally believe in cannabidiol in addition to processing for it.

So why is it so difficult for CBD companies to get credit card processing?

Banks are very risk averse, to put it lightly. They have numerous federal regulations they have to abide by, and government programs such as “Operation Chokepoint” have targeted “high risk merchants”.

“How can anyone make a living with so many obstacles!?”

Luckily, we’re on your side.

We at CBD Credit Card Processing started out as “high risk merchants” ourselves in the health field. We grew our businesses to millions of dollars a year in revenues, yet still had a hard time finding payment processors due to our “high risk” nature!

We scoured high and low and developed the contacts and tools you need to get and keep your merchant accounts live.

“It should be equally easy for me to get merchant accounts myself if I just reach out to banks and have a good track record, right?”


In the payment processing industry, personal relationships matter a lot. Our brokers have built up valuable relationships with banks that you will not find anywhere else.

Additionally, our payment processing solution is domestic (US).

If you have an offshore processor, because the transaction has to cross an international border, it will have at least a 20% higher decline rate than a domestic processor. This means we can make you at least 20% more just by switching to us.

“What if I already have a credit card processor and want another one?” 

We understand the importance of having multiple merchant accounts in the “high risk” field. We’ve actually seen several great companies go out of business because the acquiring bank simply decided they didn’t want their business type anymore.

Our processing solution integrates easily with mainstream payment gateway plugins and allows for load balancing.

This means that you could choose to run 50% of your orders through us and one through another processor that is no problem! If we weren’t the best, we’d be afraid of competition.

But we’ve been there as merchants ourselves and know how much it can behoove a company to have multiple merchant accounts.

“What is the price for this?”

Well, we can start as low as 5.99% with low reserves and quick payouts.

Oh, and you want echeck processing?  We’ve got that too.  Just let us know.

If you pick up the phone, we’ll be there; a pleasant surprise, we know!

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