Did Your Industry Just Become “High Risk”?

smoke pipe

Did you own an online smoke shop, selling pipes and other marijuana accessories?

If your payment processing shut down recently, you’re not alone.

Payment processing for the entire industry has been under attack. Welcome to the realities of “Operation Chokepoint”.

We have seen perfectly legitimate businesses with low chargebacks, great volume get denied payment processing.

Why?  Because some bureaucrat somewhere decided that smoke accessories are now a “high risk” product and the entire industry comes under attack.

Keep in mind these products are completely legal in every state, and recreational marijuana is now gaining popularity in every state.

Fortunately, we have the connections that you need. You cannot go with the average merchant account broker and hope they will help you.

Yes, we’re about to name names: Emerchant broker will not help you; Instabill will not help you; Paypal most certainly will not.

Just about all of the supposed “high risk” ecommerce merchant account brokers will not take your business.

But we will.

As you may know, it is harder work to place these accounts, but because the number of companies successfully operating in these fields is artificially restricted by limited payment processing, they tend to be larger and more profitable.

We are a boutique shop and specialize in these fields.

Let us be the ones to help you succeed!

We have spent decades working in major banks and now working for you in the highest risk industries. We have connections that other so-called “high risk” brokers simply do not have.

Even if you do not sell CBD, we are able to help you in many “high-risk” industries.  So reach out to us if you need processing for:

Nutraceuticals (dietary supplements)


Peptides & SARMS





Replica Merchants


Online Poker

Online Gambling

Reach out to us to see what solution works best for you!

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