CBD Credit Card Processing

Domestic Processing at Just 5.99%

Fast Approvals

We won’t lie to you like so many companies and say that we can get you approved within a day (no one can), but with our connections we can get you approved for an account in approximately a week and sometimes even less.

American Customer Service

We are American and can be reached through our phone number (try it!). Our solutions integrate with mainstream processing plugins and allow for load balancing so you can have more than one merchant account.

Low Fees, That Stay Low

Our fees start at just 5.99%. If you are currently using an offshore processor, our domestic processor will increase your card acceptance rate by 20%+! We can also get you a back up echeck processor starting at 4.99%.

You are a Valuable Merchant

Isn’t it time you started being treated like one?

One simple call and you

could double or triple your business.

Isn’t it nice to have Americans who you can actually pick up the phone and talk to? It can be an anomaly in the “high risk” processing field? We stand by our word, and unlike other “cbd processors” we’re American and we actually pick up the phone.

What customers are saying

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